I love people that are able to talk about their life stories. When I was small – remember me sitting quiet and listening to the “stories of grown-ups”, being very touched by the point that what I was listening it was real. Not a book, not a thought out story. It was something for real, told through the own way of seeing the world, life. With own thoughts and own words. Maybe I just jumped too fast between more experienced than me people and didn’t have what to tell on my own, but most of the time I remember myself just shutting up and listening. Listening and reflecting.

During selling in my shop,  I spent more time listening to people than selling. There is something very fascinating in the way how honest the people accept themselves and are aware of their life without following only the perfect side of it.

People tend to follow perfections. Perfect looking people, perfect made actions, perfect works or perfect lives. It is easy to follow perfections without asking yourself how many fails, destroyed things or nights without sleeping were invested in these perfections, taking just the result, not the process. And this is very human – sometimes people are enough tired of their own struggling and just want a break for brain without the need to know too much.

A lot of people react on self-stories as to something egocentric and narcissistic, but the story telling to me always appear as a very elegant question: “That’s my story, what’s your story?”. And you end asking yourself: “hmmm, what is my story in fact?”, making you reflect on own life, in same time through others stories getting belief and breaking the limits of own borders of life perception. And still keeping the right of the own choice, if to tell your own story or not. 

And I guess this is the secret of curiosity – to live so, that your brain never gets so tired or the soul so disappointed that you stop asking yourself: what are their stories? And keep doing life stories in same time on your own…



  • Andrea Robinson says:

    I think this is really profound. The joy of listening to the stories of other people is precisely so that you can get a fresh perspective of life through your imagination. And you’re right — people who can tell an honest story are fascinating. It never ceases to amaze me what people have done and experienced in life.

    Good for you for staying curious and intrigued, and even inspired to ask yourself, “What is my story?” It’s great to exchange ideas through personal experiences. 🙂

    • I think people really connect through stories, memories. This is very beautiful and makes to feel good. And I guess exchanging with own experience is the fasters way to learn. We are more opened to it:)

  • Ana says:

    Love this! And I don’t know if it’s the nature of female (both my daughter and I are like this), but when we first 1st meet someone, we can open up to them easily and literally come away with their life story! My husband is amused by it, because he is the complete opposite of us. And his mother wasn’t the out-going type. And I’m now 41, and have done this literally all my life! So this post really hits home! 🙂

    • I think it is really more female nature, but in between met and some very open men. Usually, they are too quiet open, just more with age, when they have to tell more:). And am happy that my experience made you feel very familiar with the life situations, Ana…:)

  • Elden Teitman says:

    We learn by listening. A nice attitude to our life. Sometimes is good to tell your story, sometimes to learn a new one. The nice thing that in this life we can be different to different people.

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