I was on the train to work. I was sitting quietly with music in my ears when Semfira entered at a station. She took a seat in front of me and after a few moments, she just laid her head on the back of her seat and closed her eyes. Somehow I was even happy that she closed her eyes as all the way I was staring at her I think any person could feel uncomfortable. I was trying to absorb her beauty. A beauty that comes from a very rich inside world, a lot of read books and an enormous power which was hidden under a fine and gentle look. I was trying to understand how such a big inside world can be within such a small body. You could feel it, even with her closed eyes. And at that moment when she opened her eyes, I already had a business card in my hands. It was one station before mine, so all that I could ask her is to look at my Philini website, that I search new faces for my collection, or just to come to me. I remember how I came home in that day and I told my husband that I met a special girl in train and that I really hope that she will come. And some days later she came. A real photo shooting for Philini we still didn’t realize. But for a longer period of time, I got a great assistant in my boutique and for all time a very wise friend, for which I will be always very grateful…

 And after all, the time of knowing each other – I really wanted to reflect the combination of her gentleness, this colorful inside power, and an easy-going way to be on my design. So, her bag was created… 



  • Cynthia Close says:

    Sometimes we’re just inspired to speak to certain people. Often nothing special comes of it, but once in awhile you meet a kindred spirit who really changes your life. I find that most people are happy to be noticed, and many are willing to communicate even on a basic level like chatting during a bus ride, or when standing in line at the amusement park. Speaking up or even exchanging a smile can make all the difference to your day, and you’ll never know how much it may mean to the person you interact with.
    I’d love to know if any of your readers have had an experience like this. Beautiful post thanks for sharing.

    • Nataly says:

      In my experience, Cynthia, there were and still are amazing life-crossing people, if you have the courage to say the first one “Hello”. You really never know what comes out of a “Hello”. Thank your way to feel about it.

  • Kelly says:

    This is in response to the previous commenter’s question -“I wonder if any readers have had a similar experience?”

    When my daughter was in high school, one of her teachers always greeted her with “There’s my beautiful girl!” This was at a time when as a teen, she wasn’t feeling very beautiful and that teacher’s small gift made a big difference.

    You’re right, Semfira has a captivating face.

    • Nataly says:

      This is so important to have in life such a teacher…Can make a big difference in the whole life. Thank you for sharing your story!

  • Andrea Robinson says:

    She is truly beautiful, but it takes an artist to spot the inner beauty, approach so as not to scare her away, and bring that beauty to light so the rest of us can enjoy it. So it is really the synergy between you and Semifira, not just one of you or the other, that added up to this beautiful photo and your positive experiences together. Congratulations to you both for having the vision to do it.

  • Bryon Trauth says:

    She is really a beauty.

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