I just can’t remember myself without the passion of being totally fascinated by a woman. Most of the time, even not by a woman staying in a spotlight. Usually was stopping my attention to her and like a broken CD was asking myself: “Does she have a mirror at home? How she can’t see how beautiful she is?”. And I guess, so also, my first steps of creativity began – with a huge need to make a woman express her beauty, talents, character, charm, and her power. Simply to put out from herself things, that may be at that moment I was seeing more than the woman on her own.

But I was always against superficiality. I guess for one simple reason – the women have an infinite, colorful inside world that has an enormous potential and power. It is a kind of vulgarity to limit the appearance of the women just on her look, even if this look is beautiful. Beauty attracts, inspires, fulfills with power, scares or motivates, but it is always something more there, otherwise you will not notice it and often it is even not a top-model look. If you limit your perception just on superficiality, it can be that you will lose the most interesting part of a woman. 

I have a huge respect for the women that don’t forget to be women and have the courage to stay for their individuality, creativity. I know that this is a big effort. And to express yourself in a nonverbal way, through your look – it is a lot of work. And this work begins with favorite books, music, movies, arts, dancing… I like to take part in this work with creating things that help to stay for own individuality and character. It feels like you press a button and all the collected capital of a woman by years, like a wonder, appears on her look…

And sometimes all that we need – is a little wonder…


  • Charlie Green says:

    Hmm, interesting post. What I’m getting here is that the more vital a woman is inside the more beautiful she will be on the outside. By vital I mean shaped by her experiences. I’ve known people who may not be considered traditionally handsome or beautiful, but they possess a glow or an aura that draws people to them and makes them think of beauty. Shallow people may also be beautiful on the surface, but that fades quickly when there’s nothing solid underneath.

    • Totally agree with you, Charlie! I can say also that very often beauty on the surface can be also very tricky, as sometimes the people too fast decide only based on it and don’t have the need to look deeper in a person. Or just think that this is only what a person has. But as you said – an aura draw people to them anyhow, no matter of appearance.

  • Andrea Robinson says:

    What a remarkable post! It seems to me that you have the ability not only to appreciate the artistic creation that is the human body, but all the animation and awareness inside the person. That’s a terrific way to walk through the world, because your sense of wonder is always fully alive.

    I agree with you. I am fascinated by people in general, not only for their outward appearance, but for everything that each person brings to the table. What a marvelous, wide range of variations we have. I’m not artistic in the same way you are, but I can appreciate your fascination with women, both inside and out. 🙂

    • Thank you, very much Andrea! I really like to discover the treasure in people, in women guess even more as sometimes you really never know what to expect from them and the surprise part is always present:).

  • Ana says:

    Absolutely love this! And I agree with what you’ve said…there’s so much more to a woman than her looks. And with having a daughter, she’s 12 now, it’s a daily thing to remind her to NOT neglect herself, but to NOT make it a priority. She’s so very multi-talented. And some of the most beautiful women I’ve seen do NOT slather on makeup…..their glow comes from life. Being outside, being active, doing what they love. Thanks for this wonderful post! 🙂

  • Alina Bologan says:

    One has to look with its own soul to can see the beauty of other. It seems you can do it

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