Autumn… This time when we slowly calm down a bit and try to understand what is going on, preparing for the winter dreams. Even not so much looking back, more trying to collect the results and simply looking for a good cup of tea with that perfect cake that in summer maybe was a bit too sweet or too intensive, but now is a kind of need of it. 

The running time. And I can’t say that is too much work as when you do what really makes fun and gives you energy, is very hard to call it work. I guess we run to catch the time being afraid that our wish-list perhaps is too long for that 24hours. A reason why I did trust my photo shootings to Kristina, a good friend, with big dreams and wishes, who found a way to feel and know me enough to can put all the visions in a picture.

Mihaela. The young woman that caught my attention when Kristina asked me what I think about her, if I can see her in the new series of philini photo shootings. I agreed intuitively based on her facebook account, but I met her in life after the photo shooting, only one week later. I was curious. Curious to see how she is in life, not only on pictures and on what the social platforms can tell about her.  And I guess after a long time I finally let me be surprised. 

If I could describe in two words Mihaela, I could say: Grace & Loyalty.

There is a kind of people that no matter of what they do in life, no matter of changes or growth they still remain loyal to some people, to something that totally became a part of them. They move forward achieving goals, they change, they meet new people, but at the same time, they have a very clear place inside of themselves where is something that totally owns their loyalty. And nothing gives a woman more grace than the clear values & intelligence. Feminine, but very strong. I guess that was what I did percept in Mihaela at the first sight. 

One more experience, that was build in blind away, just with the wish & intuition of all the involved people.  And of course, I look forward to a new bag in my collection, with a beautiful name Mihaela, as this little story for sure get’s its place in the category of “Inspirations”. 




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