nataly brunner philini

It is extremely hard to share the things that we love. Not because of egoism. Because of the intimacy.

I don’t talk about the emotions and fascinations that for some moments can make someone want to show them to the whole world and put them in a nice frame with a creative filter. I talk about those moments that make someone be silent and totally absorb every second of own being. Things that are so fragile that even stopping and taking a simple photo can totally destroy the moment. You can talk about them later, but not in same time.

Those moments that usually one tends to ignore, sometimes from fears, sometimes from a too huge provocation.

Moments like staying in your own room from childhood time, catching your memories in mind and wondering how it could feel if you could return in that time for some minutes, just maybe with the experience from now…

Moments which you don’t want to talk about, you only have to go through them and get stronger.

Or those moments, when you discover a song that provokes in you a vision that is so fragile that even stopping and writing it down could make it disappear from your mind…

Moments of creativity, when you step by step do something that it is visible and understood at the beginning only in your own world. And you even don’t care if is it a sense of it or will it be liked by someone else or not. You do it simply till you see it in a real world like searching a proof to the existence of your inner world…

I always found a huge beauty in this intimacy. A kind of basic authenticity of a person that does not care to build a life for the rules of society, but for discovering his own values which later he can invest in the life around and make someone’s else life more interesting with own strong presence.



  • Liliana says:

    Îmi place mult ce scrii, Natașa! Mă bucur sa te vad bine si mă bucur pentru ceea ce faci! Întradevăr te văd împlinidu-ți visurile! Mult succes mai departe!

  • Merci mult, Liliana. Chiar ma bucur ca internetul are asa parti pozitive care reuneste oamenii si te face sa regasesti multe persoane care le-ai pierdut din orizont, dar ai fi vrut sa mai vezi ce mai fac:). Si da, facem, luptam, invatsam totul ce e nevoie – dar indeplenim visurile:).

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