If I could say something about Ina then it is that I want to know her secret.

It is really nice to meet such women about which you wish to know from where they take so much happiness, emotions, sensibility, and power to be always so full of life. 

She is someone whom I got to know better during the photo shooting and after it during her enormous support and always being there with a good word.

A woman without age.

A woman with an impressive ability to transmit her emotional stare to other people, but in the same time you still want to know her secret.

I remember the photo shooting that took place in Moldova, by Roman Rybaleov. It was one of the days that we began our actions at 4.30 a.m. and it was quite early for all us. The day was very long and in afternoon we already were all a bit without forces and Ina like from an extra Quelle was finding some extra good mood, fun, craziness  – infecting us all with it and keeping us focused on our goals. ..

If I could have the gift to see the aura of humans, for sure Ina could have one of the most colorful auras. And so appeared the Philini fabrics bag Ina. 

philini inas bag african for dawanda



  • Andrea Robinson says:

    I love the bag and I love the photo! You shot this in Moldova – that’s your country, isn’t it?

    I know the feeling of being on location and trying to shoot a film and everyone running out of steam by the end of the day. It’s awesome that Ina not only has the stamina to keep up, but also has that infectious personality that draws people into a happy mood. If you find out her secret, please let all of us know!


  • Damien Pavlock says:

    Amazing photo!

  • cours de theatre says:

    Very neat article.Really thank you! Great.

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